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Board and Team success is largely based on the ability to work together, prioritize activities and make progress. Change Innovations provides organizational development programs to help your group work efficiently.

Is your Board or executive team really handling the challenges as you expect?

Teams carry enormous responsibility for corporate performance.

Their time is important and costly. They often develop practices and patterns that get in their way, sometimes without fully realizing it.

Change Innovations uses a results-oriented coaching approach with action research for teams and their members to create lasting changes that promote:

  • Better working relationships;
  • Improved team communications and relationships;
  • Significant cost savings;
  • And much more.
Board of Directors or executive team meeting

Help your Board work smarter. Contact our President, Russell Long, to better understand how Change Innovations can help you make better progress.

We also use this process in corporate leadership development programs to support individual growth, management team development, and culture change.


“As a result of the multifaceted leadership program you developed and delivered with our top tiers of executives, this organization has changed to being more open and inclusive. The level of trust and performance has palpably improved. It also made a significant change in the character of the organization. I’m pleased!”

CEO Transportation Organization

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