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“I hired Russ Long to design and deliver a leadership development program for me and my top 50 executives using several executive coaches. We documented very high returns on our investment, over 30 to 1! More impressive than the quantitative results are the personal stories of executives who reported life-changing results in their personal and professional capabilities. With his help, you will achieve growth and success beyond your expectations.”

CEO, Engineering Organization

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“Russ helped my division leadership team to work more effectively together. We were surprised at how much we use the information he helped us to discover to diffuse tough situations months later and to assimilate a new division of an acquired company. He is a pro who understands the complex corporate environment while not forgetting the needs of the individuals. He also assisted me as my executive coach and repeatedly helped me see things I did not see on my own.”

Senior Vice President, National Telecommunications Corporation

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“Russ has a unique ability to hear what may not be spoken. He feels the undercurrent of situations. Our work together has reshaped my business and personal life with the positive changes I needed.”

CEO, Consulting Organization

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“Working in the biopharmaceutical industry, things change quickly and Russ helped me with issues of immediate relevance. He has an ability to challenge me to think and develop my own skills. My experience with him as an executive coach was exceptional.”

VP, Pharmaceutical Organization

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“Among Russ’ strongest assets are his professionalism and unconditional support. He has an exceptionally positive and constructive attitude that made a big difference for me.”

VP, Manufacturing Corporation

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“I worked closely with Russ to develop a leadership program for our top executives. He has a reputation within our organization as a solid, insightful professional who establishes mutual trust, built on honesty and respect. He helped our executives be more focused, self-generating and self-correcting to achieve powerful results.”

Assistant Director, Federal Agency

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As a result of the multifaceted leadership program you developed and delivered with our top two tiers of executives, the organization has moved to being more open, inclusive and nurturing. The level of trust and performance was palpably improved. Your work made a significant change in the character of the organization.”

COO, Transportation Organization

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“Russ has organizational savvy, years of corporate experience and well-honed skills. I needed an objective sounding board for some serious challenges I was facing. Russ is among the best with insights, professionalism and skills to help he adopt and see realities.”

VP, Healthcare

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Russ has a way of bringing out the best in people and a passion for excellence. He helped me unlock my potential, has given me confidence and allowed me to move to higher levels of effectiveness, happiness and success.”

VP Sales