Powerful Results

Results That You Can See

Engineering Company Case Study

An engineering organization with over 800 employees hired Change Innovations to improve the engagement of its top 12 executives and support their individual development over a nine month period. Several executive coaches were used for these leaders following an assessment of key organizational issues and experiential learning regarding their strengths and differences. The monetary impact of this program as determined by the executives was a return on Investment of over 30 to 1 with numerous qualitative improvements such as retaining a top executive who would have left the organization, increased productivity, better teamwork and improved communications. The CEO explicitly noted positive changes in his direct reports and the COO noted more open communications and higher levels of trust.

International Cable Company Case Study

An international cable company engaged Change Innovations to improve the dynamics of a top in-place leadership team. Following an assessment of key issues and strengths of the team as well as individual determinations of preferences, several hands-on learning sessions were completed. The team was surprised at their discoveries and how often they applied their learning’s to their interactions, meetings and the assimilation of a newly acquired division. The team leader said they accomplished the results needed.

Highway Construction Company Case Study

CEO to-be was hired from the outside into a large highway construction organization as its COO. Change Innovations assisted this executive in the interviewing process, job design and assimilation planning to smooth the transition. The new COO was promoted to CEO six months later. He attributed his success to the process of working together to maximize his learning’s, anticipate events and minimize missteps.

Transportation Company Case Study

A $200 million transportation organization engaged Change Innovations to develop and deliver a leadership development program for its top 50 executives. The organization was going through rapid change in its environment and with several new executives. Through assessment of key organizational issues, use of several executive coaches, team building training, executive team meeting assessment and retreat, the executives reported a return on investment of over ten times the cost of the program. The CEO said, “More impressive than the impressive quantitative results are the many personal stories of my executives who reported life-changing results in their professional and personal lives.”

Business Consultant Startup Case Study

A senior business consultant hired Change Innovations to assist in starting a new business and leave her employer of many years. As CEO of the new business she stated a year later, “Our work together has literally reshaped my business and personal life with positive changes. By hearing what might not be spoken and to feel the undercurrent in situations, I received assistance that was invaluable in my successful new business.”

Federal Agency Case Study

“The President of Change Innovations has an extensive background in advising leaders. He is direct and patient. He helped me as the top Administrator of a Federal Agency set meaningful goals and achieve them and later attain an external CEO position. I highly recommend him as a valued resource and have seen excellent results from the work of him and his associates over the past four years with individual executives and my organization.”

Manufacturing Company Case Study

An executive at a Fortune 50 manufacturing organization with over 70,000 employees hired the President of Change Innovations to work with him on career advancing goals. Afterward, he talked about his work with the executive coach, “Among his strongest assets are his professionalism and unconditional support. He guided me and supported me through a range of vital issues. He has an exceptionally positive and constructive attitude that made a big difference for me.”